Promotional first aid kits are useful travel gifts or promotional products. If you are in the market for a promotional item which can soften up your brand’s image, making it more personal and caring, these printed first aid kits will do the trick. Because of their specialized use, these branded kits are best handed out in major sports events suc...Read More

Promotional first aid kits are useful travel gifts or promotional products. If you are in the market for a promotional item which can soften up your brand’s image, making it more personal and caring, these printed first aid kits will do the trick. Because of their specialized use, these branded kits are best handed out in major sports events such as company-sponsored marathons and out-of-town team building activities. At Promotional Product Experts, our customers enjoy a wide array of first aid kits which come complete with all the basics such as plasters, bandages, alcohol wipes, scissors and emergency flashlights, all housed in durable and compact bags. We also have custom mini care cases and pocket care kits which are ideal for travel. Our promo pill boxes and dispensers are among the top favourites as well. If you require any assistance for any reason, simply get in touch with our sales team.

First Aid Kits 

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Aqua Wet Wipes

20 x anti bacterial, wet hand wipes. Contains Ethyl Alcohol. Citrus scented in compact pouch. Great for body, offices, car, travel bags and on the go.

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29 Piece Personal First Aid Kit

This first aid kit has been developed in co-operation with several European humanitarian organisations and contains all the initial products you could need in the event of a minor injury. All packaged in a smooth coated fabric bag with zip opener and belt clip. 

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Premier Deluxe First Aid Kit

A compact kit with reflective strips and carry handles for use in and around your vehicle, home or office. This kit contains the mostfrequently used plaster and dressing materials. Perfect for storing in the glove compartment. 

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Gym Drawstring Bag

Discover a sporty and sleek design for any occasion. Made of a waterproof nylon, the Gym Drawstring Bag by Promo Brands will put your comfort at the forefront throughout your daily activity. Travel to and from the gym, or keep your essentials accessible on a walk, you will love the clear branding and convenience the two draw string with reinforced eyelets...

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Non-Woven Drawstring Bag

You will love the durability, style and practicality of this Non-Woven Drawstring Bag. With a clear surface for bold and vibrant branding, this branded bag also features a zippered pocket for extra space and reinforced eyelets to ensure premium strength. Talk to us today to secure a sample of this branding essential! Please note a standard digital...

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Tech Drawstring Bag

Maximum ease on the go, the Tech Drawstring Bag has the sporty sophistication you need. Designed with waterproof nylon, this custom bag will keep all your essentials safe and prioritise your comfort through your daily routine. Featuring a front pocket for additional space, this drawstring bag also has a headphone hole, allowing for music while you carry...

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Emergency Blanket

Silver emergency blanket complete with directions for use. Great addition to any first aid kit.

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Industrial First Aid Kit

Made of strong ABS with wall bracket and a neoprene seal, this large kit contains a comprehensive range of first aid items ideal for worksite or office. 72 pieces suits 8-10 persons.

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Workplace First Aid Kit

This office and home first aid kit has a selection of the essential items ideal for treating a variety of emergencies. Packed in a clear airtight, snap lid container.

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On The Go First Aid Kit

Be prepared with this 15pc first aid kit. Compact and portable size made to fit in handbags, backpacks, travel bags and car glove compartments. Includes 6 bandages, 4 alcohol pads, 2 adhesive pads, 1 sterile gauze and 1 adhesive tape roll all in a non woven zip pouch with pocket.

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Bolt 20 Piece First Aid Kit

First aid kit includes 5 adhesive bandages, 4 alcohol pads, paper tape roll, 2 safety pins, 5 gauze pads, 1 gauze roll, 1 triangular bandage and scissors in case. --Undecorated Stock Available in 5 Working Days--

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Bandage Case

A perfect gift to show your clients and supporters you care. Each case features a handy flip-top container stocked with eight adhesive bandages. Your client will be ready for a day at the park or errands around town with your helpful bandage kit in their pocket!

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Pocket First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit in red nylon zippered pouch with black zip. Contents: 1pc cleansing wipe. 2pcs antiseptic wipe. 6pcs alcohol prep pads. 4pcs H-shaped adhesive bandage (tga approved). 4pcs small oval adhesive bandage (tga approved). 1 pc metal tweezer.

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Yoga Gel Bead Hot & Cold Pack

Reusable gel pack for hot and cold therapy. When used in accordance with the supplied instructions it remains viable for up to one hour. Contains non-toxic gel beads. Instructions included.

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First Aid Travel Kit - 13 Piece

A first aid kit in a travel bag which contains: 1 triangular bandage, 1 non woven pad, 3 alcohol prep pads, 1 PBT bandage, 4 adhesive bandages, 2 safety pins, 1 pair of scissors.

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First Aid Travel Kit - 22 Piece

A 22 piece first aid kit in a red travel bag which contains: 15 adhesive bandages 1 antiseptic towelette 1 moist towelette 1 soap wipe 4 alcohol prep pads. Comes with the cross on the front and the standard imprint area is on the back.

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Caviar Bead Cooling Pack

The Caviar Bead Hot and Cold pack provides convenient, reusable Cold or Hot treatment therapy. It will remain flexible even when cold, and can be applied to any part of the body. When properly used, especially within the first 72 hours after injury, the pack helps reduce the severity of symptoms and the time required for healing. One colour print only....

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Summit Kit

Feel prepared for anything with the new Summit Kit. Containing everything in a standard first-aid kit, the Summit Kit will assure your confidence and readiness in any situation. A distinguished product for a unique spin on your branding.

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In The Clear First Aid Pack

Slim personal first aid set. Includes 4 alcohol wipes and 5 adhesive bandages.

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Zippered First Aid Pouch

Zippered pouch with silver mini carabiner. Contains 3 antiseptic cleaning wipes, 5 standard size adhesive bandages, 6 small adhesive bandages, 1 adhesive butterfly bandage, 1 adhesive knuckle bandage, 2 alcohol wipes and 2 sting-relief wipes.

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Purse Size First Aid Kit

A basic kit to keep handy for any occasion with a belt clip. Bag made from 70D nylon

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First Aid Kit

Supplied in a black PU zip case, this first aid kit is easy to keep handy for any occasion.

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